What are our client’s needs and how do we meet them?

Our clients are navigating the complexities of Generative AI adoption, from strategic planning and implementation to ethical considerations and ongoing development. We brings specialized expertise, offering tailored guidance and strategies aligned with specific business goals. They bridge the knowledge gap, ensuring a team's proficiency in AI applications, and provide valuable insights for complex, industry-specific challenges.

What are our unique skill sets that better qualify us to server our clients?

We have been working with data, data analytics and data products for over 25 years at Fortune 100 companies and start-ups alike. Over a decade helping clients adopt AI and Machine Learning. We are pioneers in using LLMs and GPTs and deployed applications at scale. We are innovators and entrepreneurs who understand business needs, technology and technology adoption.

What do we do that no one else does?

We are not consultants but coaches. We are ex-players and know how to win. We help perfect the skills of the people working on the team from C-Suite to python programmers and everyone in between.

What problems do we solve?

We believe in a Strong ROI and a quick GTM. Generative AI is very new and the possibilities are endless. We can help identify the most suitable use case that has the best ROI and a quick GTM. Once an use case is identified, we work with our clients to plan, develop and deploy the solution.

What value do we add?

Our services page shows various ways we add value to our clients.

What is the benefit to our clients?

Our clients reduce risk, prioritize and mange their generative AI projects with confidence to successful completion.

What are some of the quantifiable results for our clients?

 Successful deployment of the Generative AI solutions. Clients develop internal capability to build more such solutions. The benefits produced by the deployed solutions could be improved productivity, reduced costs or increased revenues.